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It’s our last day today. Time to get packed and ready for the last activities before be board the bus. For some reason our bags are not as neatly packed as they were when we arrived. The sun has finally come out just in time for our activities, initiative exercises and the underground maze.

We should arrive back at school for 3:30pm.


Well it has been another wet and muddy day today, but we have still enjoyed all the activities! We survives survival, and the blind trail. Showed off our skills on the bikes and obstacle course and got even wetter with water polo, canoes and kayaking. Now it’s time for some hot blackcurrant and orange before bedtime.


What a fun packed day we have had today with low ropes, volleyball, rifles, obstacle course, blind trail, bike skills, hill walk and Manor Olympics. We got very muddy and even wet feet with the river crossing on the hill walk. Good job there is a drying room here to help get our things dry!!!

Our teachers have just made us another hot chocolate and we are now off to bed.


Our stomachs are now full after another lovely supper. We could choose from fish and chips, chicken chow mein, lamb chops and vegetable chow mein,  followed by a creamy yogurt for desert. Now for our last activity of the day, bouldering, water polo, rifles and obstacle course (which is very muddy)! It’s a good job the teachers have made us all hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm us up before bedtime – they are looking after us well!

G9 Obstacle Course (74)
G12 Low ropes (20)

We have just had a short break ready for our next activities of fencing, rifles, bouldering and low ropes. It is still rather wet but it hasn’t stopped us having fun!

We have just had a wonderful lunch of jacket potato, satay chicken, quiche, mince pie, hot dogs and salad. Now it’s time for our next activity of rifles, archery, low ropes, fencing, and bouldering.

G9 Rifles (13)
G10 and 12 Abseil (49)

We had a lovely rendition of ‘Rain drops keep falling on my head’ from the teachers this morning before our cereal and cooked breakfast. It’s rather wet, but that won’t stop us on our first activities of the day; bouldering, abseiling, fencing, and bike skills.


Supper Night 1 (2)

We have just had our last activity of the day; archery, water polo and volleyball. Now time to get showers, have some supper and then settle down for the night… hopefully we will get to sleep at some point! 

We have just had our first activity of water polo, fencing and volleyball. A little rain didn’t stop us having fun, now time for dinner of either chicken and leak pie, pork loin, chilli and rice or vegetarian chili and rice, with a nice chocolate eclair for desert.

G12 Volleyball (4)

The sun has been kind and stayed out for us to enjoy our lunch. We will have a quick walk around the castle after we have finished eating and then set off for the manor. 

And we’re off! Bags, children and teachers are all on the bus and we’re en route to Ludlow for lunch. The sun is out, let’s hope it is still out at 12:05pm when we aim to arrive! 

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