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New Drop Off and Pick Up Points for September 2020

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10th July, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a more detailed plan outlining the procedures that will be followed for fully re-opening the school on 3rd September for all pupils.  However, I must stress these plans will be subject to change depending on renewed Government advice and/or the imposing of a local lockdown.

At Gardners Lane we will operate a “corridor bubble system” by which the children and staff will work in a corridor bubble for lunch times and play times. During lesson time the children will only work in their designated classroom or specific part of the corridor. Children will not work across class groups. Some staff will necessarily work across some class groups however this will be kept to a minimum. Each corridor will have designated toilet facilities.

1. Entering and leaving the school premises:

1.1 - Parents and carers are not to enter the school buildings or classrooms. Any appointment or meeting will need to be pre-arranged and contact with the office staff will be by phone on 01242 515761. You can also contact the main office on admin@gardnerslane.gloucs.sch.uk who will pass on any message to the appropriate member of staff. The appropriate member of staff will contact you by phone or message as soon as practically possible. You will also be kept informed of school events via the School website and Dojo.

1.2 - At Gardners Lane the children will have a staggered start and end to the day as follows:



Drop off time

Pick up time

Classes 1 and 2





Classes 3, 4 and 5



Classes 6, 7, 8 and 9



Classes 10, 11 and 12




1.3 - At Gardners Lane children will enter school from the main gate on Swindon Road. There will be a one-way virtual corridor through the playground. As the children walk through the playground they will go straight into their class. Class Teachers will be waiting for the children at the corridor door. Parents are not to approach staff and must stay in the virtual corridor. Should parents need to speak to staff please call the main office or email the main office. If there is more than one child to be dropped off the children should come at the earliest time and be picked up at the earliest time indicated in point 1.2.

1.4 - Parents will walk through the virtual corridor and exit the school from the gate into Elmfield Park leading to Elmfield Road. This will be a one-way system so parents must not double back through the playground to Swindon Road.

1.5 - At Gardners Lane at the end of the day parents will enter school from Swindon Road at the designated times and as they walk though the virtual corridor staff will send the children to the parents. Please stay in the virtual corridor and do not enter the main areas of the playground or classes or spend time speaking to staff. Parents and children will leave the school grounds via the gate to Elmfield Park leading to Elmfield Road.

1.6 - The exception to these arrangements will be the lunch time pick up and drop off for Reception Classes 1 and 2 who will be dropped off and picked up at the Elmfield Gate at the designated times in section 1.2.At 8.50am and 2.50pm parents still enter via Swindon Road.

1.7 - Please note no scooters or bikes are to be left on the school premises. If your child brings a bike or scooter to school please take it home with you once you have dropped off the children.

1.8 - We will be publishing a video on the school website over the coming weeks showing the drop off and pick up process.

1.9 - Only one person to drop off and pick up children please.


2. Lunch Time arrangements

2.1 - Revised lunch times for each bubble as follows:

Classes 1 and 2

11.30am – 12.15pm

Classes 3, 4 and 5

11.45am – 12.30pm

Classes 6, 7, 8 and 9

12.00pm – 12.45pm

Classes 10, 11 and 12

12.15pm – 1.00pm


2.2 - The lunch hall will be divided into zones and each bubble allocated a zone with named tables for each class so the children remain seated with class mates and are not mixing with other class bubbles.

2.3 - Hot meals only will be served in the hall. Packed lunches will be eaten in the classroom.

2.4 - Mid-Day Supervisors will be allocated to specific bubbles. Some movement may be required to cover any staff illness or absence.

2.5 - The children’s lunch times will be split into 3-sections: lunch, in class play, outdoor play with each section lasting approximately the same length of time.


3. Bubble violations

3.1 - The children will constantly be reminded to remain in their bubble and to wash their hands frequently. Where soap and water are not available hand sanitizer will be made available.

3.2 - A revised copy of the Behaviour Policy is attached to this plan. Should children knowingly and deliberately break the rules around the bubble expectations we would need to consider sending that child home to ensure the protection of other pupils and staff. We would welcome your co-operation in this matter as the integrity of the bubble is everyone’s responsibility.

3.2 - Should the school become aware that people are deliberately and openly breaking the guidelines as set out by the Government outside of school, consideration may need to be given to withdrawing the school placement for a fixed term period as set out in the self-isolation guidance, 7 or 14 days.


4. The Curriculum  

4.1 - The school will offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils which will include all subjects with an early emphasis on Maths, Writing, Phonics and Topic Work. The normal curriculum will be supported by a Recovery Curriculum that will focus on the children’s wellbeing and pastoral needs following the long lockdown. The Recovery Curriculum will enable the children to re-engage in learning and gain the confidence needed to settle back into school ready to learn the academic subjects’ content they need to cover. The Recovery Curriculum will provide a safe space for the children to express any anxieties or questions they may have. These sessions will naturally slot into the timetable left by the gaps caused by the restrictions on the use of equipment for such subjects as indoor PE, Computing and Music.

4.2 - The provision of PE will be limited to open space activities and the use of small apparatus.

4.3 - There will be no whole school or whole class singing until the Public Health England advice changes.

4.4 - Whole school assemblies will be suspended for the foreseeable future. The daily act of worship will be class based.

4.5 - There may be some alterations to how we provide the pastoral support and special educational needs interventions. These potential changes will reflect how the bubbles operate and how we plan to minimise the movement of children and staff around the buildings and between groups. The provision will remain in place.How we organise it may differ slightly from previous years.

4.6 - SEND and pastoral reviews will go ahead but will be subject to 2-metre social distancing.

4.7 - The school is working to update the on-line learning opportunities that will be available should a child or bubble have to self-isolate or if there is a local lockdown. This is a time intensive endeavour and a real challenge as all staff are currently teaching therefore this will not be ready until sometime in the Autumn Term.

4.8 - A limited number of specialist teachers will be in school at some times for short periods to provide specific advice to staff.


5. Breakfast club, after school clubs and trips

5.1 - It is proposed that we do not have a Breakfast Club in September. This will be kept under constant review. The current advice is to run the provision in small separate groups. This would be extremely difficult in a single hall with limited staff. The key reason for not providing this service is linked to keeping the class and corridor bubbles separate to avoid cross contamination.

5.2 - Swimming will be suspended until Public Health England advises otherwise.

5.3 - There will be no after school clubs in the Autumn Term. Staff will be encouraged to leave the building promptly so the classroom can be thoroughly cleaned ready for the following days teaching.

5.4 - School trips will be limited to those locations or activities that are risk assessed as COVID-19 safe. This will be on a case by case basis.


6. Parent Information

6.1 - Could all parents please provide an up to date e-mail address to enable the school to contact you quickly.

6.2 - Can all parents sign up to the use of Dojo to make messaging and contact easier.

6.3 - There has always been a warm working relationship with staff and parents. The staff have always welcomed the time to talk to you about the children. However, for the time being, can we ask that parents do not stop and chat to staff at drop off or pick up times as this will significantly delay the movement of people around the school site. Should you need to speak to staff please arrange a phone call 01242 515761 or email admin@gardnerslane.gloucs.sch.uk

6.4 - Unless the guidelines change there will be no Parents Evening during the Autumn Term.

6.5 - May we ask that parents keep to the drop off and pick up times as outlined in section 2.1. If you have to drop off more than one child please do so at the earlier time. If you need to pick up more than one child please do so at the earlier time. The children will be waiting for you at the end of the day.

6.6 - Please keep to the one-way system and entrance and exit points.

6.7 - If your child is transitioning to Y3 the UIFSM entitlement will end.If you believe your child is entitled to a Free school Meal via benefit entitlement please contact the school office as soon as possible or you may be charged for school dinners at the start of the Autumn Term.

6.8 - Can parents please pay for school dinners via Parentpay where possible.The office can provide you with log in details if you haven’t used it before.

6.9 - Only essential items should be brought to school (i.e. a coat, a lunch box) unfortunately toys/pencil cases will not be allowed.The school will provide each child with a named water bottle.Should you wish your child to bring their own water bottle that is fine.

6.10 - In line with Government guidelines we will ensure that all children are washing their hands correctly and remembering personal hygiene (catch it, bin it, kill it)

6.11 - The Government have made it very clear that all children should be back in school in September unless there is certified medical advice to the contrary.Should children not be in school this may be registered as an unauthorised absence which may result in a fixed penalty fine.This is different to the Government advice issued in March.


7. Illness

Please do not send your child to school if they are ill in any way whatsoever.

If your child or anyone in your household is displaying signs of Coronavirus please follow the very clear Government guidelines.  Visit NHS 111 online or call 111 to request a test.  Stay at home and self-isolate as a family until you have your test results.  If negative your child can return to school, if positive you will need to inform school and follow Public Health England advice to self-isolate for up to 14 days.

If any child or adult at school has a confirmed case of Coronavirus, all children and adults from that class will be asked to isolate for 14 days.


8. Behaviour Policy

In order to prioritise everyone’s safety the school’s Behaviour Policy has been updated.  Please read this carefully and share it with your child/ren.



This annexe will apply whilst Social Distancing measures are in place for the Corona Virus pandemic.

In addition to the measures, principles and sanctions outlined in our Behaviour Policy, during the pandemic any child who puts their own or other’s safety and well-being under threat will have to remain at home.

Actions that would make this necessary include:

  • Spitting
  • Deliberately coughing over another person
  • Throwing food or resources
  • Leaving their designated area without the permission of an adult
  • Any deliberate act that causes an adult to have to leave their designated area thus putting others at risk of cross contamination

Due to the infectious nature of the virus and our concern for everyone’s safety these measures will be applied strictly.   As stated above this needs to be consistently applied to limit the possibility of the spread of infection.  Consideration will be given to when it is appropriate for the child to return to school on an individual case basis. 


I realise this is a long and complex document but I hope that it will assist you on understanding the new arrangements for September 2020. I must also stress this plan will be subject to change depending on Government advice.

May I thank you in advance for your co-operation on implementing the plan and on behalf of the whole staff and Governing Body wish you a good summer holiday and look forward to seeing you in September.

Best wishes

Charles Welsh

Executive Head Teacher



 10th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Preparations for the Full Re-Opening of Schools ~ (A Detailed Plan to Follow shortly)

I hope this note finds you and your family and friends well.

The past 15-weeks have been very challenging times for everyone. May I thank you for the patience and support you have given the school staff and children. It has been much appreciated.

Thank you.

As you may be aware the Government has announced that schools will re-open fully from September 2020.

We plan to hold INSET Days on the 1st and 2nd of September to prepare the environment, ready for some children starting from Thursday 3rd September 2020.

There are a number of changes that we will need to put into place to comply with the Government’s new regulations and guidelines. These include:

• creating year group/ corridor ‘bubbles’ for the children and staff to work in,

• restriction of movement into and around the school buildings,

• staggered drop off and pick up times.

We will also be making new arrangements for the provision of both hot meals and packed lunches.

Additionally, the ways in which parents and carers will be required to contact teaching and administration staff will also change until new guidelines are issued.

If you need to speak to a member of staff directly, this can be pre-arranged by a phone call. Should you need to email the school or a member of staff please send the email to admin@gardnerslane.gloucs.sch.uk and the note will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff, who will get back to you as soon as they can.

The schools will continue to use Dojo and Facebook to send messages and updates.

The impact of COVID-19 is immense. To ensure the children remain in their ‘bubble’, there will be no after school clubs from September and very limited involvement of outside groups or visitors. School visits will be severely restricted to places that have been risk assessed against the new guidelines.

We propose that breakfast club does not run in September, as it will be difficult to keep the children in their bubbles and to provide the necessary number of staff to supervise safely.

We will be making some changes to the curriculum for the beginning of the Autumn Term. We will primarily be implementing a Recovery Curriculum that focuses on children’s well-being, offering a broad and balanced learning experience, underpinned by pastoral and welfare activities. We aim to help the children re-adjust back into a busy school life, supporting them with any anxieties or concerns they may have.

We, the staff and Governors, are looking forward to welcoming you and your children back to school and resuming the warm, community-based friendships that we have always enjoyed.

A detailed plan will be posted on the school website and copies will be sent to you shortly.


Yours Sincerely

Charles Welsh

Executive Head

Gardners Lane and Oakwood Federation


Could all new Reception parents please contact the school office on 01242 515761 so that we can keep you updated on plans for your child starting school in September.
Thank you

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