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School Blog 2020 - 2021


Over the last two weeks Year 6 have been painting, decorating and filling their positivity jars. These jars are filled with lots of wonderful compliments from our classmates. If we feel sad or angry, we can have a dip in our positivity jars to remember all the lovely things our friends have said about us.


Year 6 have been designing, making and playing Zootropolis themed board games. We researched different types of board games and designed our own. We then made our boards, counters and some question cards. We are beginning to play and evaluate our games so that we can improve them.


Year 5 have been very busy out in the Outdoor area building a dragon’s nest. Keep looking up at the sky to see if you can spot a dragon.


In KS1 we have been learning about Braille. We found different packaging with Braille on. We then wrote our own names in Braille.



Year 5 have been learning about the lifecycles of mammals, insects, amphibians and reptiles (including dragons) in Science. We loved making a new bug hotel and investigating the ‘guests’ that 'checked in'.

Spring Lockdown 2021

It might be weird working with people from a different class and with most of your friends at home, but staying in school comes with many benefits. Everyone has more space and work gets done faster since there is less of us. We have a bigger space to play outside and we spend time with people that we wouldn’t usually play with, or talk to. People stay focussed more since there is less children and you have a teacher helping you more.



Today is Christmas Jumper Day!



Classes have been busy collecting food for our Harvest displays. The collected food will be donated to CCP.



Class 10 have been busy investigating different types of materials. Next week we will be testing the different properties they all have.


Juggling scarves is so hard, but also so much fun! Well done Class 4!

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