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School Blog 2017 - 2018

Term 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 - 17.06.18

Music Leads Mr Tyler and Miss Wellsteed accompanied 11 children to the rededication of the War Memorial at St Peter's Church/The Rock on the morning of Sunday 17th June.  Three of the children from Gardners Lane read out prayers of peace and remembrance that had been written by themselves and their peers for the occasion. The children had also worked with a musician and composer to re-imagine local classical composer Gustav Holst's 'Saturn' from his Planet Suite, using keyboards, drums, chime bars, glockenspiels and xylophones.  This piece was chosen out of all the Planet movements as Holst had named Saturn as 'The Bringer of Old Age' - a poignant reminder that the people the War Memorial are there to remember did not get the opportunity to grow old at all.  The children had worked hard with the composer in school time, and gave up their time on the Sunday (as did their families) for a solemn, yet beautiful service to rededicate the War Memorial at the Church.  Particular thanks go to Mr Tyler for stepping in as reserve Chime Bar player at the 11th hour for the performance!  Thank you to the Holst Museum for inviting us to take part in this community event - we are very proud of the commitment the children in Y5 and Y6 have shown to the project and they were a credit to Gardners Lane. 

18.06.18 - Refugee Week

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23.04.18 - Class 4

Class 4 have been explaining their world using a map. They have located where everyone in their class comes from and where they have been on holiday.

20.04.18 - Class 12

Class 12 have been busy building a terrarium to help them learn all about plants and the water cycle. Thank you very much Mr White from Associated British Bulbs (http://www.a-b-bulbs.co.uk/) for sending it to us!

19.04.18 - Hotdog Night

Key Stage 2 have enjoyed an evening of hotdogs and a movie organised by the PTA. There were lots of giggles and very full tummies at the end!


Term 3 and 4

19.01.18 - Whole School

What an exciting day today! The builders have started to knock down part of our school. The whole school got to watch and cheer the demolition team on!!



The hard work has begun for Year 6! We are now starting to get ready for SATs. We have split into six small groups to begin our Booster groups. We have started by looking at Traditional Tales and Algebra,  we have had to focus very hard to get ready, hopefully we will make it.

Term 1 and 2


Gardners Lane would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

19.12.17 - Whole School

The whole school went to the church today at the University of Gloucestershire. We were joined by family and friends to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Beautiful songs were sung and some of the Year 6 retold the story. After the whole school went back to have a Christmas dinner along with creackers!

12.12.17 - Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 have presented a beautiful nativity celebrating the birth of Jesus. They all worked really hard learning their lines!

15.12.17 - Key Stage 2

Key Stage 1 have visited the panto today to watch The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen – there were snowflakes and bubbles, singing and dancing – they all had lots of fun!

07.12.17 - Class 12 and 13

Key Stage 2 had a fantastic morning at Leisure@ watching Class 12 and 13 in their celebration of PE. They were all fantastic in both their gymnastic skills and their dance retelling ‘The Journey’ which was all about a family of refugees. Well done!

06.12.17 - Key Stage 2

WOW, Key Stage 2 had an amazing trip to the Everyman theatre this week to watch Dick Whittington, even the teachers joined in! We even had ice-cream… yum!.

30.11.17 - Class 10

We have had great fun with angles and fractions this week, and they are not as hard as we first thought! 

28.11.17 - Class 7

Class 7 have been learning about habitats and the animals which live there. Their homework was about animals and where they live. Abi has shown a great effort in her homework by creating a gigantic habitat project box about pandas, and their habitat.

23.11.17 - Class 4

Class 4 have been experimenting with water colours and straight and curved lines to create Meg. We have been using out cutting skills to create her friend, Mog.


23.11.17 - Class 8

Class 2 have had their first time in the computing room today! They drew Meg and Mog all by themselves!  

16.11.17 - Class 11

Class 11 have been very busy creating lots of different styles of artwork to show how the Iron Man looked. They then had the challenge of writing a newspaper report, which they really enjoyed!

16.11.17 - Class 8

We have been busy using speech to make up our own playscripts. We transformed speech into symbols to make it easier for our scripts

09.11.17 - Class 3

Class 3 have had lots of fun drumming today with Samba Stew. He said we were fantastic at listening and following instructions. We loved it!


Class 9 and 10 have spent the morning sharing with the rest of Key Stage 2 all of their work on The Iron Man in their class assembly. The work shared ranged from writing to a variety of artwork. 


The PTA held another Stories by Fairy Light tonight. We had a fantastic time listening to the stories, along with our chocolate milk and biscuits!

01.11.17 - Class 5 and 6

Class 5 and 6 have had an amazing day for Halloween yesterday. They have been looking at chemical reactions Winnie’s pumpkin, a bit like a volcano erupting. Unfortunately, there are no photographs because the pumpkin ended up in the bin, the chemicals made it rotten!


Class 2 have been exploring Meg and Mog and have made their own wands out of natural materials. I wonder what Meg will do with them?

18.10.17 - Class 8

Class 8 have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and computing. They had so much fun designing a game of their own!

18.10.17 - Class 12

Class 12 have been learning all about Neuro Science. Do you know how your brain works? How do you remember things?

12.10.17 - Class 1

Class 1 have used triangles to make really creative fox faces. They have used their imagination to create circles to make a piece of art. They’ve had a great time building and playing.  What a great start to school life!

02.10.17 - Class 12 and 13

Year 6 had a fabulous day at Stanway Cricket Club. We went for a walk around the countryside, where we had to dodge mud and climb over fences. The boys even had to hold the fences because they were wobbly. We had lots of fun activities to do including Toxic River, how many balls we can get in the box and blindfold bowls. We had a terrific day!

27.09.17 - Class 7

Our theme for this term is George's Marvellous Medicne. We have been busy conducting experiments to test if the food colouring reaches the bottom of the water. We created a mountain of problems... how will we fix it?


Class 6 have been learning about Winnie the Witch. We have been writing sentences about Winnie and what her adventures. Josie has written a paragraph about Winnie's adventure. Winnies cat went along on her big adventure as well!


Class 8 have been exploring skeletons. We have been learning about different parts of the bones and about animals with spines. Did you know some animals don't have any bones at all!!

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