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It’s our last morning and we’re all rather sad to be going, however we have two more activities before we board the bus! It’s a good job the sun is out for our first activities; IE’s, bike skills and bouldering.

And we’re off, aiming to be back at school for 3pm. See you all soon! 


We had lovely singing again to wake us up this morning, however we weren’t that keen on Mrs Gilson-Clarke taking pictures of our bead hair! 

We are all currently sat on the bus after another cooked breakfast on the way to the hill walk. We have 3 miles to walk, a good job Mrs Bullock brought some sweets for us when we get to the top! 

We all made it to the top of the hill without any moaning or accidents. What an achievement, and what a view! Now let’s see what’s for lunch.

Lunch was sooo nice! We filled up on sausage rolls, pasta, jacket potatoes, chicken fillets and a cherry muffin to finish. Now time for our next activity; archery and water polo.

After Mrs Gilson-Clarke pushed us all in the pool at water polo, we decided to get her back by splashing her... she ended up very wet and nearly in the pool! We had some good accuracy in archery and developed sideways climbing in bouldering.

We've just had a lovely BBQ with hot dogs, burgers and chucked with an ice-cream to cool us down. It’s now time for our last activity; water polo, bouldering and bike skills... I wonder who will be the next Spider-Man??

Now we have all showered and packed it’s now time for our girls and boys night. We have hair being braided, goals being scored and lots of laughs and giggles! 

We’re up and ready fo our first activities of the morning; zip wire, fencing and low ropes. The hair salon is already up and running and the teachers have just started the room checks.

After a quick break and squirrel spotting we started our next activities; fencing, low ropes and survival. Next it will be lunch!

A good job we had lunch today, we needed lots of energy to splash Mr Dixon in canoes and kayaks! Some managed to fall out, not all by accident and Mrs Gilson-Clarke helped ensure everyone was a little bit wet... however lost her sunglasses to the fish in the process.

A lovely supper of roast chicken,  lasagne, and tikka pork before our final activity o the day; low ropes, obstical course and IE’s. We’re lookug forward to a supper of hot chocolate and cookies.


We’re are all now wide awake with lots of energy for our first activities; rifles, volleyball and underground maze. We all slept well however poor Mrs Bullock was woken up at 2:15 by some chatting, they thought it was morning.

First activities were a success. Wellies all full of water from the underground maze, targets hit in rifles and points scored in volleyball. Time for a quick break and refresh the teachers with tea before our next activities; volleyball, abseil and rifles.

After finishing our second activity of the day we had an amazing choice for lunch; steak pie, hot dogs, bbq pork, jacket potatoes and fish cakes! The chocolate muffin went down particularly well with Mr Dixon! We are now getting ready for our next activity; abseiling and fencing. 

Lots of fears were conquered this afternoon with the abseiling, everyone managed to achieve their own personal targets! Mr Dixon’s group had a fantastic time fencing, slapping each other around the face with their fencing gloves! 

Now time for more fear conquering with the zip wire, we will see the whole manor at the top of the tree. Maybe we will see Mrs Gilson-Clarke and Mrs Bullock on the obstacle course... maybe with water, and Mrs Colwell at the volleyball.

Another filling dinner! We had fish and chips, sweet and sour chicken and pork chops and a visit to the tuck shop at the end. We are now busy eating lost of sweets ready for our evening activities (and that’s just the teachers).

We are now all tucked up in bed after our supper of hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits. Our final activity of the day was obstacle course, maze and zip wire. Mrs Gilson-Clarke’s group was amazing on the zip wire, everyone whizzed  down! 

 And we’re off! Bags are packed and on the bus, and most importantly sweets are being shared with the teachers! Next stop Ludlow for lunch.

Arrived at Ludlow, now having a nice lunch before walking around the castle. Mrs Bullock is very excited as t will be her first time here in the sunshine! Shades are on!

Arrived at the Monnor. All bags are off the bus. We’re just having a safety talk before starting our first activities; survival, blind trail  or rifles.

A great first activity, blind trail and survival! Naughty Mrs Gilson-Clarke has some accidental spills with her water which resulted in some children getting wet. It will soon be time for dinner!

Lots of full bellies after dinner! We had a choice of lamb chops, spaghetti meatballs or chicken with a chocolate eclair for dessert, yummy! Now time for our evening activities; blind trail, underground maze and rifles... I wonder who will get the muddiest?  

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