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School Blog 2019 - 2020



Six talented gymnasts from year 5 and 6 competed in a Gymnastics competition at Rowan Gymnastics Club.
Soraia, Brigitte, Grace, Violetta, Hollie and Lacey performed key skills within a floor routine and within their vault. The girls showed passion, enthusiasm, commitment, excitement along with some nerves. They performed accurately and beautifully and were a credit to the school on the day. Despite coming 7th out of 10, the girls had a great day and enjoyed participating in their first gymnastics competition.
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January 2020

Class 9 had an amazing time on their WOW day! They've been learning all about World War 2 and have been busy getting dressed up as evacuees and have even made their own gas masks!

Young interpreters

January 2020

Gardners Lane Young Interpreters

This academic year we have been training a group of pupils in Y5 and Y6 to become Young Interpreters within the school.

The Young Interpreters Scheme, which was set up by Hampshire Council is nationally recognised and is in operation in hundreds of schools across the UK.

We are very proud that 20 languages, other than English, are spoken by children and their families within in the school community. Now that this group of pupils has been trained, the Young Interpreters will be able to use their language skills to provide valuable peer support to pupils who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), to their families and the school.

In a recent KS2 Celebration Assembly we were pleased to award the 25 Young Interpreters with their certificates and badges and were delighted that many of the children’s family members joined us to enjoy the assembly and take part in the celebration of their children’s achievement.

Well done Young Interpreters!

Stephen Bray, EAL lead

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At Gardners Lane we are pleased to announce that we are currently training 25 of our bilingual pupils to become Young Interpreters.

Young Interpreters (trained under the Young Interpreter Scheme) are able to provide peer support to other pupils who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), as well as to their families and to the school.

The support Young Interpreters can offer to a newly-arrived pupil, whose First language is not English, can be very reassuring from a parent or carer's point of view, at a time when the child may be adapting to substantial changes. They can also support school staff in a variety of ways at different points during the school day and help with the induction of new families, whose language they share, by helping to show those families around the school.

This exciting Scheme has had the full backing of the staff and of the families of the bilingual children involved.

“My dad says he’s really proud that I am using my home language to help others in school.” - (Y5 bilingual pupil)

Stephen Bray, EAL  Lead


 A big thank you to the children and staff who were carol singing at Tesco this week. Thank you also to the parents who came to watch.  We raised a fantastic £126.55 for the school!



 Class 11 and 12 have been thinking about the environment and how they can 'do their bit' to ensure we keep our oceans free from plastic. They have worked alongside the university to design and make reuseable bags and they're looking rather impressive on display in the corridor!


The children and staff in Classes 3, 4 and 5 have been very busy over the last few weeks preparing for their nativity performances.  Everyone involved worked tirelessly to ensure that each performance went brilliantly and the children wowed everyone with their singing and acting! 



Class 3 have been doing some wonderful work on Jack and the Beanstalk! They've made a beautiful display and the children have been retelling the story using their story map.



We have had a fantastic assembly from Fiona, our local police officer. She's explained the role of the police and all the amazing things they do. She even arrested Miss Taylor!



Class 9 have done some wonderful work looking 'Through the Dragon's Eye' involving both RE and Science.



Class 3 have been stepping 'Out of this World' and into the land of make believe with their beautiful display!



Class 10 have been busy cooking up a storm with their Dragon Soup - it tasted yummy!.



Jeans for Genes Day - We had great fun today wearing our jeans and managed to raidse over £150!

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