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We have arrived safe and sound and enjoyed our first two activities. Lots of mud and water in the underground maze and Mrs Colwell and Mrs Bullock hit bullseye first time in archery, already legends! We are now all showered and enjoying a hot chocolate and party rings in the teachers' lounge, ready for a fun filled day tomorrow! 



Another good nights sleep had by all, batteries recharged ready for a fun filled day of activities, may just need to sort the bed head out first! Time to get a cooked breakfast first! 

What a morning of accomplishments with heights conquered on the zip wire, bikes learnt to ride and we even made friends with the mud on the obstacle course! Now time for some lunch ready for dragging the teachers up the hill walk! 

We all completed the hill walk, even though some of us thought we wouldn't, think the sweets provided by the teachers may have helped us! We are ready for lunch now before our evening activities.

The weather has been very kind to us today, a lovely evening here for our final activities of the day, water polo and fencing. I think we will sleep very well tonight! 



Some lovely pictures captured this morning, safe to say I think we will all sleep well tonight! We are all packed ready for our last two activities. There were some interesting techniques used to pack our bags! 

We had a great morning building shelters and shooting with the rifles. Although a little tired we managed to work together and create a hedgehog shelter and one for ourselves. 

After having a well deserved snack we are ready for our last activity of the day. Mrs Gilson-Clarke's group have been refining their spy skills, 007 watch out! 

Just had our final meal at the manor and all sat on the bus ready to go back to school. We have all had an amazing time, challenged ourselves and achieved things we never thought we could. We came and we conquered! 



A good nights sleep had by all. Rained in the night so a mucky, muddy day ahead. Good job we have our waterproofs with us! 

A great morning had by all, Mrs Gilson-Clarke felt the need to make us extra wet on the blind trail, good job she didn't use the water collected in our wellies from the maze! Now time for lunch and then our afternoon activities.

The rain may have trickled but it didn't stop us climbing like monkeys on the wall and low ropes after lunch! Good job we built waterproof shelters to keep us dry! 

Another fantastic lunch fill us up ready for our evening activities. Mrs Colwell's group enjoyed volleyball, while Mrs Bullocks group went exploring on the bikes and Mrs Gilson-Clarke's group zipped across the grounds on the zip wire. Now time for supper, a drink and a chill! 



We have been lucky enough to have a little longer in bed this morning, however some of us still struggled to get up, good job Mrs Gilson-Clarke had her dirty socks to help him get up quickly! 

A dirty morning had by some of us on the obstacle course with Mrs Bullock giving us a spa treatment with the mud! Mrs Gilson-Clarke's group had a morning bath with the water polo. Safe to say we are all now wide awake! 

A supportive session before lunch with abseiling and climbing. Some of us thought we couldn't do it but we didn't give up! We have set and achieved some fantastic goals today! 

Another filling lunch had at the manor ready for our afternoon activities of canoes and kayaks. Only a few had a full wetting which really woke them up, unfortunately we think the local wildlife is now def! 

Have enjoyed a BBQ meal and our last activity of the day,  abseiling  and shooting, however Mrs Colwell lost her shooting crown. Now time to start packing... good job Steven had a big bag! 


Term 3 and 4


Year 5 children have had an explosive afternoon at Cheltenham Ladies College where they learnt all about gases and air.


Year 5 children have had an explosive afternoon at Cheltenham Ladies College where they learnt all about gases and air.


We have been busy practicing our 'Everything is Awesome' dance ready for a flash mob at the Children's Festival on the 28th May. 



Today a few children from Class 9 were lucky enough to go to Gloucester Road Primary School for a More Able day. They had lots of fun and made lots of new friends!


As part of their DT lessons, Class 11 have spent the afternoon making a variety of American burgers to taste. They made a selection of yummy beef, turkey and chickpea burgers to taste and evaluate. They will then use this information to create their very own burger.



This week the whole school has been celebrating Languages and Culture. Class 11 and 12 researched and presented their own unique cultures and had a traditional British afternoon tea. We all felt very posh!


Class 7 have been learning about Kandinsky. What shapes and colours can you spot?



Today in Class 6 we have been learning about light houses - look at our amazing display!


Class 7 have been learning about compass points and where things are in the classroom. We have also been inspired by Seurat and have used primary, secondary and tertiary colours to experiment with pointillism.



Class 3have been creating their own 3D street! What shapes and numbers can you spot?


In Class 12 we have had our WOW Day and made our balloons and watched the film UP with popcorn - i was great!



Class 11 have been thinking about their new year’s resolutions. We have been thinking about what we would like to aspire to be this year and what we would like to achieve.

Term 1 and 2


We have been busy guessing names in Class 1 in our Advent Calendar.



Check out our Science wall in Class 5! We have been exploring how different materials are made and recycled.


Class 2 are very proud of their designer wall! Can you spot what they have been designing?



Key Stage 2 children have enjoyed a trip to the Everyman Theatre today to watch Jack and the Beanstalk, we even have an ice-cream at the interval.


Class 10, 11 and 12 have had a wonderful day learning all about the Maya and chocolate at Cadbury World! We even got to try some!



In class 4 we have been creating some artwork relation to Autumn, and not just copying from the internet, but using our imaginations!


In Class 6 we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. Look at our lovely display!



Today in Class 9 we have been making Anglo Saxon runes out of clay. Can you work out what had been inscribed?


In class 1 we have been recording things we have been doing since we first started school. Look at out timelines, what have we been doing?



In Class 7 we have been making Iron Age torcs using celtic designs. Here are some of the ones we have made.


In class 4 we have been printing with potatoes. Mya, Josie and Lottie read the poen 'Potato, Potato' fantastically in our school Harvest Festival



This term Class 8 have been exploring stone cave paintings. We have recreated some of our own. Can you guess what they are?


We have had an exciting trip today in Class 12 to Tescos for Maths Week. We have learnt how to work the bill out for our shopping and had lots of tasty snacks! 



We have been learning how to write our names today in class 2, it was very hard! Look at our lovely work in our class gallery


In Class 3 we have been creating portraits of our friends. Can you work out who is in the portrait?

Class 11 have been practicing our gymnastic skills with Dr Brown and the student teachers at the University of Gloucestershire.



We have had a lovely week going swimming - however it was a little hard getting changed afterwards as we were all in jeans. Gardners Lane have been raising money today for ‘Jeans for Genes’ day!


It’s been a very sporting and exciting week this week in Class 11. We have been swimming, learning tennis with Dr Brown and the teachers from the University of Gloucestershire and we have had our ‘WOW’ day. We had a cinema trip to our school hall to watch the film ‘A night at the Museum’, this even included popcorn and we made Maya masks, Gods eyes and Maya weaving. What a busy week!

classs 12 019


This has been a very busy week meeting our new teachers. Our new teacher is Miss White and we are in Class 11. We have been enjoying our Neuroscience lessons where we have been learning all about how our brain works! Did you know every time you repeat something it makes the connections between your neurons stronger and harder to break? This is how your brain grows!


Back in school again for the teachers. We have been busy getting the classrooms together over the summer holidays. We can't wait till next week to see all of the children again!

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