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All About Year 3 and 4

Year 3 is an exciting year for the children when they move from KS1 to KS2. We try to make the transition as enjoyable as possible for the children.

In Year 4 we continue to build upon the knowledge and skills they have learnt in previous years. The children will be involved with a variety of topic work throughout the year.

Term 1 and 2

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Join Year 3 and 4 in a time where warriors travelled; warriors fought; and warriors conquered. We will witness the battles between the formidable Beowulf and the mighty beast Grendel; his mother; and the sea serpent. Listen to our accounts of the dreadful battles at Heorot; read newspaper articles spreading the news of Beowulf’s triumphs; and read character descriptions of Anglo-Saxons and Viking warriors. To add, let us wow you with our descriptive poetry, using powerful expanded noun phrases and descriptive language devices. 

We will use the Anglo-Saxon alphabet (Ogham) to write our names and write like a Viking using Runes. We will create Anglo-Saxon brooches, build longboats and sew purses all used in the daily lives of an Anglo-Saxon or Viking warrior.

Term 3 and 4

Out of this World...

This term, we are going Out Of This World to explore and discover the origins of animation; the creation of ‘The Iron Man’ and the weird and wonderful world of ‘Wall-E’.  We will gather, sort, design and create our own structures out of recycled materials. We will develop our knowledge, skills and understanding in Literacy by writing playscripts; creating captions for images; writing autobiographies and fact files.  In Science, we will learn all about sound and electricity.

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