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Class 2

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All About Reception

Reception year is a time of great change for both children and their parents. It is a very exciting time for children and we have a lot of experience in helping them adjust to school life.

Term 5 and 6

Up, Up and Away...

This term Classes 1 and 2 are going ‘Up Up and Away’ with picture book stories that take us on a journey. Our stories will take us up the beanstalk with Jack, across the river with the Gingerbread Man, through the woods with Little Red Riding Hood and around the farm with Rosie.

Term 3 and 4

The Land of Make Believe...

The Land of Make Believe

This term Classes 1 and 2 will be using these two texts to capture the children’s imagination with magical characters and stories.

Their developing speaking and listening skills will support them to  act out and retell parts of the stories, whilst their newly acquired phonics skills will support early reading and writing.

Term 1 and 2

Night at the Museum

This term Classes 1 and 2 will be going back in time to look at how we’ve changed since we were babies.

We will be talking about ourselves and our families and begin to understand that even though not all families are the same, they are all still special. Our outdoor area will provide us with lots of opportunities to take our learning outside and this will include looking at seasonal changes.

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