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All About Year 6

Year 6 is an exciting final year at the school. As well as sitting their SATs the children have a residential trip and an end of year performance to look forward to.

Term 5 and 6

Up, Up and Away

Year 6 are going Up, Up and Away to Japan Today…

This term Year 6 will be finding out where Japan is in the world and will use longitude and latitude to describe the position of Japan on the map. We will be learning about how earthquakes occur and the impact they have on a location. Year6’s will learn about the human and physical geography of Japan and compare life in Japan to life in the U.K. We will also be learning about Japanese art and traditional clothes.

Term 3 and 4

The Land of Make Believe

Year 6 are Discovering Disney…

Living in Zootropolis…

From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootropolis is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde, a wily fox who makes her job even harder. Year 6 recruits will enter ‘basic training’ to become a fellow officer by challenging both their physical and mental powers. This term they will be learning to ‘Try Everything’!

Term 1 and 2

Night at the Museum

Year 6 will be investigating

From Bean to Bar!

We are going to find out about the history of chocolate – where does it come from? How is it processed to make a chocolate bar? Who discovered how to do this?

We will be using maps and atlases to travel to Mesoamerica, the land of the ancient Mayas, and are exploring this fascinating civilisation together. We will be finding out where the Mayas lived, what their lives were like, and how their society was organised, as well as investigating the evidence they left behind and uncovering some Maya mysteries.

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